Beauty the wonder dog is the newest

addition to our family. Adopted in November 2005, Beauty has settled into life at the condo. With two parks, a trail, and a river nearby, she has plenty to keep her busy. Well, at least she does during the summer when the weather is nice and her humans spend the majority of their time outside with her at the park. Beaut loves her ball, her treats, and staying at Uncle Nick and Aunt Megan’s house in Newberg when her humans are out of town. She has even learned to love the cats. Not all cats, ones that go darting by outside best beware, but inside cats like Ellie, Mabel, and cousin Tessa - she loves.


Dog Pics

Cannon Beach

August 2006

Dog Party One

August 2006

Things to do in a Dog Day   

  1. 1.Play

  2. 2.Eat

  3. 3.Sleep

  4. 4.Walk

  5. 5.Poop

  6. 6.Play

  7. 7.Eat

Beauty-Approved Dog Links




Oregon Humane Society

If you want a pet and you live in Oregon, OHS is the place to go. We got Beauty the wonder dog from the Columbia shelter. I don’t recommend going by yourself as you’ll want to adopt all of the animals, you’ll need someone there to prevent you from doing so.